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Alicia – Insulation Technician

Meet Alicia!⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Alicia’s boss at L&B Remodeling Co. Inc. reached out to me on day 1 of my page showing his support. When he asked if he could help with anything I asked if there were any female employees that would mind being featured. He immediately said Alicia and raved about all the amazing work she’s doing for the company. Swipe to see what her job entails! This is her story:⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ “I’ve always been a hands on kind of person. I grew up on a family farm, where girls were always equal to boys when it came to manual labor. Fortunately, I also attended a private school for most of my life, where intellect was emphasized as well. I’ve known Phil and his family for almost twenty years. When he gave me the opportunity to start this venture I was beyond excited. As I began to excel in the physical aspects of the job, Phil was generous enough to teach me and the rest of the employees the reasons why we do the work that we do. The combination of the physical labor and the science behind being an insulation technician has intrigued me from the beginning. I’ve grown to love going to work everyday to see what new challenges I can overcome in this field and have put my all into it. As a woman I feel empowered and, as any other human aspires to, I have find my home in my workplace.”⁠⠀

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