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Amanda – General Labourer

Meet Amanda!⁠ She’s rocking the role of General Labourer at a HUGE construction company. This is her story:⁠ “Growing up I was always a visual learner, quick to pick up on things. I’ve always been a tom boy, so joining the construction industry was easy. As a single mom, I strive to provide my kids with everything I didn’t have growing up. Being a General Labourer helped me accomplish where I wanted to be financially and physically. My job as a Journeyman can be very labour intensive and working with such a big company like Ellis Don, I learn new things everyday! Being a woman in trades is challenging, situations arise like people not taking you seriously and assuming that you cant do it because you’re a girl and that can make you feel like quitting.. but you don’t, you fight through. I’m proud to be a woman in trades.”⁠

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