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COVID-19 Construction Hygiene

Before I start, as always, to the doctors, nurses, paramedics, firefighters, police and many other countless services that work around the clock to keep us safe, thank you. Everything you do will not be forgotten and your hard work is more appreciated than you know.

Construction is an industry that can be hard to shut down. We can’t work from home and for most of us we don’t get paid if we don’t show up. It’s responsible for provided many basic services that make you comfortable every day and keep places, like hospitals, running. As a result, many of us will be working through COVID19 unless it’s mandated otherwise. Many other industries are in the same circumstances and will continue to work through with updated safety and sanitation requirements. I wanted to share with you some of the protocols my company is taking to help keep people safe.

These are some of our following recommendations:

  1. Keep a distance: workers isolate themselves at the work zone. This means keeping 6ft away from other workers throughout the day.

  2. Social Distancing: No more than 6 workers in one area at a time.

  3. Reduce/Eliminate face-to-face meetings: Do what you can by phone, conference calls, skype and email. If you can eliminate a face-to-face conversation do so.

  4. Clean, Disinfect, Repeat: We have dedicated workers cleaning and disinfecting the site non-stop. This is everything from washrooms to handrails.

  5. Personal Hygiene: Workers are to clean/disinfect work stations twice a day, all devices are to be disinfected daily and of course, wash your hands frequently and properly!

I’m happy to say that all workers are taking these additional policies/practices seriously. I think there will come a time when construction is mandated to be closed but until then we will continue to work clean and safe. I’d like to note that NO employee is required to be at work. Everyone has been offered to go home with no repercussions, the people working are choosing to be there.

With that said, everyone is on high alert with high emotions. Everyone has a family member, or friend, who could have a harder time fending off the virus if they contracted it. In times like these, we have to remember that no one has been through this before. We are all trying our best and we must remember to be kind and logical.

Stay safe out there & thanks for reading!

Laura H. W.I.S.T.

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