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Dee – Licensed Plumber/Business Owner/Teacher

Meet Dee!

Not only does Dee work full-time running R. Plumbing with her husband, she’s also teaching the next generation!

“I’m Dee! I am a mom of three smart little girls, 6, 4 & 2. I began flipping houses at 19 with my husband. We had a drive and a passion for construction, that is still lit today. He went off into plumbing, while I got my degree in business. Afterwards I was able to apprentice under him, and start up our plumbing company. We have been rocking and rolling for 7 years strong, and will be building next!

And on my spare time 😉; I also teach Plumbing for the apprenticeship programs at our local College through the Ontario College of Trades, and am I strong advocate for #womenintrades 💪🏻. I hope to meet with local highschool students and have them come into my program and feel welcomed 🤗”

#construction #teacher #plumber #womeninsteeltoes #businessowner #womeninconstruction #inspiration

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