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Elizabeth – Electrician

Meet Elizabeth!

Not only is she an electrician but a pipe fitter as well! She’s showing ladies how it’s done. She’s taking the time to learn more than one trade and keeping the tradition of having some bad ass ladies in the family!

“Historically, the women in my family have always worked in a male dominated field: train conductor, electrician, heavy equipment operator …. I wanted to travel and see things meet people … Right out of high school I was accepted into a pipe fitters/welding program L.U. 192 (Local Union). I did that for 5 years and then I switched it up to electrical work. I’ve started over and am now trying to gain more knowledge. I get so stoked learning new skills and potentially helping along the way. I’m just going to keep up the badassery for the ladies in my family and hopefully out on the job too.”

#womeninskilledtrades #womeninsteeltoes #electrician #womeninconstruction #womeninleadershiproles #pipefitter

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