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Erica – Business Owner, Home Renovations

Meet Erica!⁠ When Erica reached out to me she was worried that she wouldn’t “qualify” to be featured. That’s absolutely ridiculous. This women dove head first into helping her husband run a construction company. If that’s not brave, bold and all things that embody a powerful women I don’t know what is. This is her story:⁠ “My dream started 6 years ago, when I left my property management job on Purdue Universities campus. I left the student housing industry in hopes that I would be an asset to my husband out on the jobsite. Little did I know, that we would soon find out we had a little one on the way! One of my other dreams of becoming a mom was being fulfilled, and I would have to let my current dream take a backseat. I still maintained the office and bookkeeping side of the business, but just felt like I was missing out on something. ⁠ Fast forward 5 years, the opportunity finally presented itself for me to jump in with both feet into working full time with my husband. We purchased our first “project house”, (I hate the words “flip house”, “flippers” and the like), which we are working on restoring back to its original 1940’s charm. Our main goal is to set ourselves apart from the run of the mill “flippers” looking to caulk, paint and put a band aid on it, and leave an underlying issue. We want to give someone a product that we would want to live in, with very little to no maintenance other than mowing the yard. This is my new 9 to 5 job, and not just a part time hobby.⁠ While I am a “toddler” in the construction field, just learning to stand on my own two feet, I couldn’t be happier. I have a great teacher who is patient, lets me make mistakes (but not too big), teaches me to operate heavy equipment, and is always saying, “You try it.” This new role also allows our daughter to see me in a new light, and for that I’m grateful. The other day she said to me, “Mom, you are a hard worker.” I melted, and immediately I knew what I was doing mattered!”⁠

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