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Grace – Stone Mason

Meet Grace!

Grace is a stone mason helping restore some of UK’s oldest buildings! This is her story:

“Like many other school leavers I wasn’t really sure what to do. So I left home in Italy and went to university in Scotland. After gaining a degree and looking at possible graduate jobs I could go for I realised that academia and office jobs were not the kind of work which would give me that sense of achievement I was looking for. So I spent a year volunteering in farms and eco projects and realised that practical work really gave me that sense of fulfillment. To work on a project and see it grow and see it reach its desired objective is an amazing part of being part of a construction process. Pass forward a year and a half and I am half way through my apprenticeship at a cathedral here in the UK. I am learning how to work stone traditionally by hand. I love being part of the heritage sector and working with and/or around medieval stonework is extremely rewarding.”

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