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Izzy – Tower Crane Operator

Meet Izzy!

She looked doubt in the face and took on the career she wanted to do! She’s living her life high in the sky as a tower crane operator, this is her story:

“My names Izzy, I’m a tower crane operator in BC! Was told by my father that the trades weren’t for women… but here I am at the top of the world.

Operating is such an amazing job that demands respect and pays well. Women are actually considered to be better operators, due to them being more safety conscious and easier on their machines. It’s an amazing career path and I think we will be seeing more and more women operating heavy machinery or craning. It takes knowing the right people to get into a seat, but once you are there, you can really take the industry by storm. I hope to see more and more women operating within the next 5 years.”

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