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Katie – General Contractor/Owner

Meet Katie!

Katie lives and breathes real estate- it has been a passion of hers since teenage years but she only transitioned her full time career into construction 7 years ago. She is the owner of Herbert Homes Inc, which renovates houses in Toronto.

“I consider myself a flipper with Integrity and pride myself on producing projects with quality and style in equal measures. I was so frustrated seeing “bad flips” on the market, I wanted to create a profitable business model that also cares about the people who buy houses – I want to make HOMES for people not just make money. The way I keep quality control is to be hands on with my projects throughout the whole process, I create the design and then have a hand in everything that happens, all the way to the finishing touches. I’m lucky that I don’t have clients to answer to, so it’s given me the freedom to create an efficient renovation model and I have the flexibility to make changes on the fly.

I’m on on site daily working as GC, leading my team, trouble shooting and working on the tools – demo, framing, insulation, painting, cleaning – whatever the job requires. It’s backbreaking, exhausting and stressful but I love it. This job gives me the most incredible job satisfaction – like nothing before – every day I get to create and see change which is exhilarating. _ I’ve completed over 16 full gut renos, and multiple condo/rental projects, since founding the company in 2012 and I’m really proud of the quality reputation I’m establishing. I also have a small Consulting arm helping select clients with design, permit prep and advice.

I’m thrilled to see more and more women joining this industry. When I first started I was always asked “where’s my husband” or “where’s the real GC” and was often doubted or questioned, but slowly I earned the trades’ respect and trust and now it’s much easier. With more and women entering the workspace we’re able to change antiquated perceptions, which can only be a good thing.

This year Katie’s also been shooting her first TV show. As the host of Handmade Hotels, she explores the creative world of short term rentals. Season 2 premiers this month on @bemakeful #handmadehotels @katie_herbert_ Click here to watch the trailer!

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