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Ladies, Why Not Construction?

Ladies, Women, All Empowering… why are we turning down the construction industry? Why are we ignoring jobs with great pay, vacation days, sick days, consistent hours, overtime opportunities and protection of your rights as an employee?

We are strong, independent, smart and resourceful but yet everyday women do not choose, or even consider working in the construction industry. Recently, I read an article stating that a mere 13% of women surveyed would even consider taking this path. Mind-blown.

Something I don’t think many people realize is the variety of jobs that all get labelled as “construction”. Not all aspects of the industry are calling for you to go get your hands dirty and physically build something (but honestly, that’s the fun part!). So much goes into building one single structure. From the people in design to the people on the ground all of these roles get grouped under the mass name “construction”. This diverse industry has a role for every player and for the most part, these jobs are in demand right now.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to go through some of the career paths available in construction, the ups and downs of working for a union and how to feel empowered in a man powered industry.

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