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Lynsey – Civil Engineer

Meet Lynsey!

Lynsey in a Civil Engineer in the UK who is rocking it on site and in the office.

What made you interested into getting into your field? I loved mathematics & technology class at school, making things and being outside. I knew I wanted to work in something practical and outside, and civil engineering gave me all those opportunities. What do you love about your field? I love the variety, of the projects, of the teams you work in, of locations you can work in. No day is the same as the last. So far I’ve worked all over the UK and Ireland, and I was lucky enough to take part in a charity project in Rwanda building a suspension bridge, one of the best experiences of my life. The opportunities are endless. Getting to see a project go from concept to completion is so rewarding. What types of challenges have you faced as a women and how have you overcome them? Unconscious bias seems to the the cause for most challenges faced on site, and people with opinions that should have gone extinct with the dinosaurs… Gaining respect is a challenge which repeats itself, but it can be overcome. Keeping calm when you want to roar at someone for being sexist is one I’m still working on too, but slowly, bit by bit, with everyone standing up for themselves, we can change things and we won’t be subject to the same challenges / situations as women in construction currently are. Is there any advice you would give to women entering the field? Go for it, don’t give up or back down, you’ll get knocked down but each time you will get stronger, and every time you stand up for yourself you’ll get stronger. Go to people for advice, male or female, it might be hard to find a female role model in your company, but your role model doesn’t necessary need to be female, they just need to understand equality & the importance of it. Is there anything else you’d like to share? We need to get rid of the stereotypes, we need to see more females in engineering, or, women in steel toes. We need to make the future generations realize there’s a job for everyone in construction and the rewards are endless, the money isn’t bad either!

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