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Maria – Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Meet Maria!

She’s braving the cold (honestly, you’re my idol for this, I’m a baby as soon as it hits -10°C) and keeping planes and people safe that provide necessary air transport for northern Canada!

“I am an aircraft avionics technician for Air Inuit based in La Grande Riviere, Quebec, Canada. The harsh winter conditions of flying in the north can be very hard on the aircraft and keeping them safe and flying is my top priority! It sometimes reaches temperatures of -56°C outside and we need to bundle the planes up to keep them warm. Any exposed skin at this temperature gets frost burn almost immediately. The air gets so cold that simply breathing is painful.

I am the sole aircraft electronics, navigation and commutations expert on my coast for the Air Inuit. When all electrical systems are operational, I’ll lend a hand to the aircraft mechanics changing propellers, brakes, tires you name it! I’m not opposed to getting my hands dirty!

I first got into aviation in a roundabout way. I started with a Computer Science degree at Dalhousie and started working the ramp for Air Canada in Nova Scotia to pay off student debt. That’s when I discovered my love of airplanes!

With my background in computer systems, Avionics was the perfect fit for combining my passion of troubleshooting electrical systems and aviation. I went back to school to become an AME (Aircraft Maintenance Engineer). I have now worked in aviation for 7 years, 3 of which have been in maintenance. I am now a licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer taking pride in my work and inspiring Inuit women to pursue their dreams!

I absolutely love answering questions so feel free to drop me a message! (@avionicsnorth on instagram!)

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