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Sam – Residential Construction/Owner

Meet Sam!⁠ Sam took her passion for building and fixing things up and made it into a career. See her motivation below: ⁠ “I spend my nights and weekends investing in real estate and renovating the properties myself (along with my husband). Ever since I was young I was always naturally drawn to “home improvement” projects, whether that was tearing up the carpet in my bedroom at 14 when my parents left the house, attempting to tile my dad’s downstairs bathroom at 17, or volunteering to clean, paint & rearrange my friends college apartments, I’ve always had had a knack for “fixing things up.” I started investing in real estate with my husband 3 years ago and together we’ve successfully renovated (almost) 5 apartment units in Boston, MA while working 9-5 jobs (and also living through the renovations). I’ve learned a lot, faced a lot of challenges, and overcome more than I ever dreamed I could, and I’m just getting started!”⁠

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