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Victoria – Business Owner, Renovations & Tiny Homes

Meet Victoria!

She’s an entrepreneur running her own home improvement company Hard Hats & Heels and is looking to start up a SECOND company building tiny homes (stay tuned for more!) This is her story:

“I went into the trades when I found myself in a large amount of debt from nursing school and that debt would triple by the time I graduated. I transferred home and took a moment to reflect on myself. I noticed one day as I was walking through my dads house being remodeled that I loved that setting. I found myself attending my local trades program at a community college. From then on I joined Real Estate in Michigan, started my own home improvement company, Hard Hats & Heels. Since I started in 2019 I have helped over 100 clients in my area, won the Mike Rowe WorkEthic Scholarship, started another construction business that will be launching in April of 2020. Met Mike Rowe in person and interviewed by 2 Home improvement shows, and so much more.

I took the leap into the entrepreneurial life when I realized I didn’t care for the office setting and found myself running into contractors that didn’t want to take the time to train me. The moment I jumped into my own business I was terrified. Not only was I brand new to the Construction industry, I am a female in a male dominated field, and I had to learn how to run the business side as well! The confidence grew quickly as I noticed clients just wanting someone trusting, that shows up on time, reliable, friendly, and did good work. Today I am working on a scholarship program for local trades students, love talking to local high schools, started a home improvement YouTube channel, am working on a new business and host many giveaways that help clients reach their home improvement #goals ! I simply love what I do and that will never change! “

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