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Why Investing in New Employees Matters

Once someone retires their knowledge is gone. Could you imagine having a book in your hands, it has all of the answers your looking for, little tips and tricks so you don’t waste time, keeps you motivated when you’re not loving what your doing and shows you how to keep up and then one day it’s just gone. The only thing you have left is whatever you’ve managed to remember from that book. That’s what happens when someone retires, that book is a person except you cannot capture all of that persons knowledge and experience in a book. It just can’t be done. The only way you can help ease the loss is by having a good training and mentoring program in place. Spending money and investing time into a younger generation of employees will help you ease the blow of losing all the knowledge and experience of people when they start to retire, or leave. Expressing interest in investing in younger employees can also create an environment that makes people feel loyal to their company. It’s an all around benefit.

So, a younger generation of workers eh? We exist, we’re out there, we’re hungry. We want to learn how to to do things and we want to know why. In the age of technology the whys of what were creating are becoming ever more important. The need to know and have purpose is real. By telling a crew “Hey, this is the target for this job” can greatly impact the way someone works. Giving someone a goal they can work towards can greatly help how they view the importance of their job.

Why does there not seem to be enough workers? Lack of employees and poaching employees from other companies seems to be more and more frequent. Boomers are starting to retire and not enough people seem to be interested in going for a construction related job. I agree, construction isn’t for everyone but we also don’t try very hard to show people how cool and necessary it is. Without construction we wouldn’t have homes, our society simply wouldn’t exist the way it does today. You’d be sheltering under trees, walking everywhere and wiping with leaves.

It’s the passion to build things bigger than yourself. It’s the pride that comes with making history. Someone has to build it, so why not you?

Thanks for reading!

Laura H.

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