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Kayleigh - Owner, Fortitude Construction

What is your occupation and what made you interested in getting into your field? *

I was in an AutoCAD class in high school that I loved. We designed our dream homes, storefronts, and built scaled models. I decided to continue to Architecture Technology in College, but when I did a co-op placement at an architectural firm, I started to realize that I wasn't as passionate about the design side of things so much. When I was about to graduate in the 2008 recession, I decided to stay in school, and I bridged from the Architecture Technology Program to the Construction Management Degree, and here I am. Loving my career choice and running my own Construction Management company with my husband.

What excites you about your job?

Meeting new people, working on different projects. The fast-paced nature of the schedules. Working on-site and in the office. New challenges with every project.

What are some of the challenges you face?

Many...but they have all made me stronger and more confident. In my very first job out of school, I was offered a salary at $10k less than a close male friend of mine, who actually graduated the exact same class, and also had little to no experience. My title was also different...administrator vs. coordinator... I was a little disappointed and let down....but I accepted the position, worked my butt off, learned a ton, and then within a year I was promoted and had gotten a $15k raise. I feel more confident in my career now than I did in 2011 when I graduated. And I'll have even more confidence in a few years than I do today. Every day is a new learning experience, and I feel I still have a way to go. But that's what makes this industry exciting for me.

Is there any advice you would give to women entering the field?

Make every challenge a learning experience. Ask "stupid" questions. Sometimes use google, and then confirm with a professional.

Is there anything else you'd like to share?

Kind of a funny story - when I started out I kept hearing the word "conduit", and I was too afraid/embarrassed to ask what a conduit was. I turned to google and looked up some images of conduit. It helped a bit, but I didn't fully get it until I made friends with an Electrician and they showed me on site.

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