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Megan – Welder

Meet Megan!

She’s one tough mom! She took on a career change after being a stay at home mom for four years (what a boss!) This is her story:

“I started school for welding after being a stay at home mom for 4 years. Going into this field was the hardest thing I’ve ever done but I pushed myself through school while working a full time job and raising 2 kids. I started my journey on the road immediately after school as a pipe welder in ethanol plants and food grade facilities. I was a road hand for a year and half, traveling the country working structural and pipe shutdowns and new construction jobs. Road life is hard when you have a family at home that misses you, so I recently started a pipe welding job at home to be with my family again. I completed my goals I set out to do, and knowing where I came from and what I had to sacrifice to obtain my goals makes me glow with pride. I am a blue collar woman and proud of it 💙”

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